Athanasius Kircher (1602 - 1680)

A famous son of the town of Geisa

Born in Geisa, Kircher researched in many fields, was the first to describe the “Laterna magica” and made the “magic lantern” known to the public. With their development were connected the first steps to the cinema.

The great scholar and polyhistor died in Rome on 27.11.1680. His heart was buried at his own request in the Church of St. Mary in Monterella near Tivoli.

Works by Athanasius Kircher are on display in the Geisa town museum.

Furthermore, four reliquaries are kept in the city parish church, which contain a relic donation of Kircher (bones of 14 holy martyrs of Rome from the 1st to the 4th century) to his father city. The solemn transfer took place in 1665.

Ein Portrait des Universal-Gelehrten Athanasius Kircher der aus Geisa stammt