City Museum

Geisa has experienced 1200 years of history, joy and sorrow, splendor and poverty, decline and rise, and after reunification on October 3, 1990, it dared to make a new start.

The Geisa City Museum tells the story of the town and the people who shaped it.

Life stories: Personalities Geisa

Geisa is an idyllic small town, located directly on the Hessian-Thuringian border. In addition to the scenic beauty of the Rhön Biosphere Reserve, it is also those people who give the city its identity in the past and present.

The “Red Area” of the Geisa City Museum is dedicated to internationally important personalities, including the polymath Athanasius Kircher, the pharmacist Adalbert Geheeb and the botanist Moritz Goldschmidt.

The “Blue Area” presents outstanding politicians and entrepreneurs, craftsmen and industrialists, whose merits have shaped the image of the city over the centuries until today.

Geisa through the ages: from the Celts to the present day

Geisa is a town with an eventful history and living traditions. Since the first documented mention in 817, it is possible to trace how life in the Geisaer Land was characterized by ups and downs and how our ancestors tried – despite often adverse external influences – to organize life in the Geisaer Amt in the best possible way.

All these stages of Geisa’s history are presented and explained with the help of authentic exhibits in the rooms of the town museum, which can be reached through the upper floor.

Insights into the city museum

Gustav Deppe - Kühlturm

Papal Order

One of the high honours bestowed on the honorary citizen couple Deschauer for their great services.

Christian Rohlfs - Blumenstrauss

Town model Geisa

Here you can see the city fortifications that Prince Abbot Bertho II had built in 1265. The old town is still completely enclosed by the historic town wall.

Edmund Kieselbach - Frau

Celtic beak jug

The replica of the Celtic beaked jug from the Borscher Aue, provided by the Institute for Prehistory and Early History at the University of Jena, is a very important European find.


Experience the exciting and moving history of the town of Geisa and its personalities.

Tours and backgrounds

In the City Museum you will find media terminals where you can learn more about the history and personalities of Geisa.

We also offer guided tours of the art gallery and museum. Here you will learn exciting backgrounds and fascinating details about artists, artworks and city history.