Werner Deschauer Foundation

Werner Deschauer Stiftung Geisa

The Werner Deschauer Foundation serves the welfare of the town of Geisa and its citizens. It promotes a wide variety of projects in municipal, cultural, social and ecclesiastical areas and supports numerous associations in their activities

Foundation purpose

The Werner Deschauer Foundation supports projects and needs in the town of Geisa for the following purposes:

Promotion of charitable purposes

In particular, the support of persons who are dependent on the assistance of others as a result of their physical, mental or psychological condition. The promotion is done discreetly upon request.

Promotion of recognized charitable purposes

In particular, the care of youth, sports, education and training, local history, nature conservation and customs.

Promotion of cultural purposes

The aim is to maintain and preserve cultural values and to promote the preservation of historical monuments and the arts.

ecclesiastical purposes

Acquisitions and projects that serve the design and preservation of churches, such as organ renovations, significant furnishings, preservation of church monuments.

"There is no elevator to success, you have to use the stairs."

Werner Deschauer, freely adapted from Emil Oesch

Board of Directors of the Werner Deschauer Foundation

Vorstand und Kuratorium der Werner Deschauer Stiftung

Board of Directors and Members of the Board of Trustees of the Werner Deschauer Foundation Geisa on December 6, 2022

From left: Mayor Manuela Henkel, Hartmut Kath, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Wilhelm Heumüller, Founder Werner Deschauer †, Astrid Weimann-Heim, Board Member Matthias Kehr, Sylvia Möller and Detlef Günther.

Examples of successful funding projects

Are you interested in a grant?

If you would like to request funding for a charitable, cultural, non-profit or church purpose, please use our contact form. Please note that only funding requirements in Geisa can be considered.

Werner Deschauer

Werner Deschauer

Werner Deschauer was born in the Rhön town of Geisa on December 6, 1935. He spent his childhood in the war, helping out in his parents’ liquor store at the age of 7. The father had fallen, the family had to struggle to maintain their livelihoods….

Anneliese Deschauer

Anneliese Deschauer

Anneliese Deschauer née Pabst was born on July 15, 1936 in Dorndorf/Rhön. She lived in Geisa for four years as a young girl and fled to the West from the constraints of the GDR in 1955. The brothers Werner and Hubert Deschauer also fled Geisa in 1957 and began to build up a flourishing business in food retailing in the Ruhr…