Color explosions from CHRIZI-Art

On June 30, 2021 the gallery hosted the vernissage for the ceremonial opening of the exhibition “Color Explosions” by artist Christina Zimmermann.

“Color explosions” in the truest sense of the word surprise not only in normal daylight. The second image, the so-called night image, is then revealed by the fluorescent effect of the colors in the black light.

Christina Zimmermann, 37 years old and a native of Thuringia, has now found her center of life in Philippsthal, Hesse. She finds inspiration for her works in situations, conversations and sensations. She paints abstract with bold and strong colors. Random moments are their driving force. Collages of various materials, such as sand, coffee, newspaper and plaster, form large-scale structures.

In her opening speech, Doris Heim, chairwoman of the Förderverein Kunst, Kultur und Wissenschaft Geisa e. V., welcomed the numerous guests, in particular the honorary citizen of Geisa, Werner Deschauer, as well as the mayor of the town of Geisa, Manuela Henkel, and the mayor of Philippsthal, Timo Heusner.

Picture auctioned for good cause

One work – exhibit no. 75 “Infinity” – played a special role in the vernissage. For the Outpatient Hospice Center for Children, Adolescents and Adults Rhön, the artist donated the painting for auction. Mayor Timo Heusner bought it at auction for 1,200 euros as a new piece of jewelry for his office. The proceeds went to the Hospice Center, for which Johanna Weymar found heartfelt words of thanks.

The laudatory speech at the vernissage by Dagmar Nicklich, 2nd Chairwoman of the Friends, traced the path from representational painting to finding one’s own language of form and color using the example of the painter Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944).

The change in CHRIZI’s visual language can also be traced in this way: CHRIZI finds her own forms and colors via “sunflowers” in the style of a van Gogh via geometric forms after Kandinsky – abstract, playful, geometric, impulsive and spices the whole thing up with fluorescent luminous colors.

Traces of “Farben” and “Wünsch dir was” were found in the musical setting. Interpreted by FUX band (Andrea and Samuel Rübsam), titles were performed in accordance with the theme of the exhibition, which were excellently selected.

Finissage for the crowning conclusion
The festive conclusion of the exhibition “Color Explosions” was a finissage on August 22, 2021.

There the visitors could see the paintings of the artist completely new as so-called night pictures, which could be admired by the fluorescent effect of the colors in the black light.