Courses in the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery

In the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery changing courses for children, teenagers and adults take place. Here you will find an overview of current and past courses. If you are interested in a course, feel free to use the contact form.

Oil painting & graphic

The painting course for adults offers at the Tuesday painters the opportunity for beginners (basic course oil painting) and advanced to pursue their creativity. It can be worked with both pencil and oil paints.

The course instructor is Erhard Röhr.
Course dates on request.

Photo circle

The Fotozirkel Geisa forms a community of interest within the Förderverein Kunst, Kultur und Wissenschaft Geisa e.V. and is open to all interested parties. Meetings are usually held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm in the gallery studio. Interested parties are welcome at any time.

The circle leader is Dieter Kiel.

Photography course for teenagers

Beginners in photography will get to know the camera technique better and learn everything they need to know to get the best out of their pictures.

Courses for the summer vacations are being planned.

Designer dresses from paper

Course instructor Dagmar Nicklich brings together creative people who want to tailor new clothes for the association’s model dolls out of paper and similar materials. Whether on the theme of “black and white” or “spring dream”, the unique dresses are each presented in a separate exhibition in the gallery.

The vernissage of the exhibition “Once Designer 2.0 – Spring Dream” took place on May 5, 2023.
A further course is planned.

Vacation offers for children: textile designing, felting, handicrafts

Using fabrics, snaps, fibers, buttons, felt, tulle, glitter and their own ideas, children can design, create, stencil, feel, touch, print, develop during the vacations and then create the result they have designed themselves.
The course instructors are Beate Sennhenn and Sabine Eisemann.

Course from July 11 to 13, 2023 (3 days each from 3 to 5:15 p.m.)

Learn watercolor painting for beginners

Learn the necessary basics of watercolor painting with brushes, paper and watercolor paint in a workshop. This basic course gives you the necessary security and accompanies you in your first steps.

The course instructor is Dagmar Nicklich.
Course starts on October 18, 2023
Advanced course “The way to the picture” is planned for March 2024.

Handmade from paper

Julia Knackert designs creative and very personal cards, vouchers, gift wrapping and much more out of paper with small and large course participants.
The next course is being planned.