Designer dresses from paper in black and white

The sponsoring association regularly offers creative courses for interested parties.
Thus, an exhibition of the model dresses from the course “Once a designer – paper dresses in black and white” took place for the first time in Geisa on September 18, 2020.

Fashion collection in black and white with small red accent

With creativity and fun experimenting, the course participants created fantastically beautiful and unique dresses in black and white. The idea came from the 2nd chairwoman of the sponsoring association, Dagmar Nicklich. Elegant and modern cuts with sophisticated ruffles, swinging skirts, high-necked and revealing necklines, soft and angular shapes emerged. Floral patterns and ornaments rounded out the creations. After the ceremonial opening, the paper dresses were displayed in a special exhibition.

Variety of paper processing

The course participants created dress dreams out of paper. Delicate flowers and a variety of pleated designs characterized the paper collection. Some pieces with sweeping ruffs seem downright sophisticated. The life-size white doll models became part of an architectural-looking sculpture, placed in the gallery among the artworks by Chagall and Dalí. With their models, the course participants presented a wide spectrum of the diversity of paper processing.

Sponsoring association chose the winners

At the vernissage on September 18, 2020, the sponsoring association awarded the winners of the competition “Designer clothes made of paper”.

Vote found lively interest

The sponsoring association had called for a vote for the most beautiful designer dress. 150 people took part and the main prize was a voucher for an overnight stay with breakfast in a double room at Geisa Castle. The prize went to E. Fuß from Unterbreizbach.

The evaluation of the most beautiful designer dresses:
1st place: Julia Knackert
2nd place: Astrid Bein
3rd place: Dagmar Nicklich
The winners were presented with Douglas vouchers, flowers and heartfelt words of thanks for their participation in this extraordinary competition by Chairwoman Doris Heim. Whereby it was confirmed by all participants that each dress was beautifully, very elaborately and creatively designed in its own way and therefore a big thank you goes to all contributors.
The three most beautiful dresses were displayed in the window of the gallery.

Taria Morning Wake

The 17-year-old Taria Morgenweck from Kieselbach played delicate sounds on her harp. She is taught by Anne Riedel, harpist at the Meiningen Theater.