Dikla Stern: “The stars of Geisa”.

On the occasion of the anniversary year “1700 years of Jewish life in Germany” the gallery showed the special exhibition “The Stars of Geisa” with socio-critical pop art and collages, by the Tel Aviv-born artist Dikla Stern.

The exhibition was shown from 28.08. until 08.10.2021. The artist, who lives in Berlin and whose grandfather came from Geisa, presented not only socially critical paintings and collages but also a special production made for Geisa.

The examination of society in the field of tension between power and oppression, law and freedom, is partly discrete but also quite directly a constant theme in the works of Dikla Stern, whose work as a freelance artist developed after various stations in Germany, Israel and the USA. The images are captivating, exciting and sometimes shocking, you can always discover something new.

The festive vernissage on August 27, 2021 was attended by a large number of visitors from Thuringia and Hesse, as well as from beyond the region and even from Berlin and Israel. The laudatory speech was given by Dagmar Nicklich, consultant of the Thuringian Institute for Teacher Training, Curriculum Development and Media.

In her introduction to the exhibition of Dikla Stern she said: “Art can do more, artists are like the seismographs, they feel what is moving in the world, they see much faster than society where the problems lie. In pop art, the finger is not put in the wound, but it is more a wink to show the weaknesses in society. Dikla Stern takes precisely this pop art as an opportunity to address the problems in this mass society and its culture, to draw attention to it, to point out what is so wrong in this society.”

Doris Heim welcomed the artist’s father, who had come all the way from Tel Aviv for the exhibition opening.
The event was musically framed by the musician René Bachmann-Wießner from Heringen. He is a teacher at the music school of the Wartburgkreis in Geisa and teaches students on saxophone and flute.

For more information on Dikla Stern, click here: https://diklastern.com/

Note: From the special production “The stars of Geisa” are still some screen prints of the collage as a limited edition available.
If interested: https://www.etsy.com/shop/pspacontemporaryart/