Drawings and paintings by Luisa Diel from Bermbach/Rhön

“I can’t teach you anything, everything you can do is inside you…”. This statement of the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky to his student Gabriele Münter could only be confirmed in the special exhibition of the young artist Luisa Diel from the Buttlar district Bermbach/Rhön, which opened on February 28, 2020.

Over 100 guests came

The 20-year-old exhibited a selection of her works at the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery. More than 100 guests attended the vernissage organized by the Friends. Acrylic paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings as well as jewelry plates from her seminar subject work from her time at the Gymnasium Vacha were on display.

She skillfully experiments with the different materials and has a wonderful sense of color. Her acrylic paintings are reminiscent of the impressionist, expressionist and cubist painting styles of modernism.
In her painting “Favorite Flowers”, she designed her family’s family tree by relating everyone’s favorite flowers. The view from the open window opens a view of a wide landscape.

The sharp eye for colors

Already at school age she was introduced to colors and painting at home at the kitchen table by her grandmother. Feedback from their parents kept them learning and trying. “Look, see, try, learn” – that’s how she found her style step by step. She also benefited from this in her goldsmith apprenticeship and various internships. To study, she went to Pforzheim to learn the goldsmith’s trade.

Laudator from Hünfeld

The laudator Michaela Heckel, an independent graduate restorer from Hünfeld since 2005, attests to the young artist’s exceptionally sharp eye for forms, colors and details from the very beginning. She could see this immediately in a first project, the restoration of a horse painting by Luisa Diel. In her painting “Favorite Flowers” she designed her family’s family tree by relating everyone’s favorite flowers.

Annjual Acoustics

Space was also left for the youth in the musical setting. The band “Annjual Acoustics” from Dermbach with the vocal duo Julia and Annalena Sell convinced in their performances with a fitting, clear and impressive singing.

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