Fascination Flying impressed with pictures, stories and emotions

On April 26, 2019, an evening event was held on the topic of “Fascination Flying”. Franz Grapke and his wife Ilona arranged a very well attended lecture with pictures, stories and emotions.

Franz Grapke was born in Geisa in 1951, grew up in the Sauerland region and returned to his hometown of Geisa in 1991. He was a flight instructor for gliding and ultralight flying, and later added paragliding. After 50 years, he ended his flying career. In his lecture, he showed impressive pictures and explained, “Many aircraft designs and flying machines exist today, such as gliders, powered gliders, ultralights, powered airplanes, jet airplanes, helicopters, flying kites and paragliders. Paragliding has become popular not only on the Wasserkuppe but all over the world because it has made flying very inexpensive and you can carry your paraglider in your own backpack and take it anywhere.”