Our starry sky in winter

On 17 January 2020 the promotion association art, culture and science Geisa registered association in the studio of the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER gallery invited an evening lecture to the topic: “Our starry sky in the winter”. The association was able to win Gerd Beck from Sünna as a speaker. He is a retired teacher of mathematics and physics and gave an introduction to astronomy.

Like the famous polymath at that time – the scientist Athanasius Kircher, who was born in Geisa – all participants of the lecture wanted to go outside afterwards on another evening to observe the starry sky with the telescope. If the conditions were good, the outdoor date was to be set, which was planned at the Way of Hope of the Point Alpha Memorial. But then came Corona and for a long time such events were not possible.

The Friends, together with the speaker, plan to make up for this outside date to observe the night sky through the telescope when weather conditions are suitable and the stars are in clear view.