Pictures of Erhard Röhr and his painting course

An exhibition of paintings by amateur artist Erhard Röhr from Borsch and his participants from the oil painting course was opened on 29 October 2021 with a festive vernissage. More than 70 guests came to the opening.

The opening was accompanied musically by singer Judith Erb and musician Arno Volkmar, known not only in their home region as the C-Flat Duet.

About 3 years ago, with the beginning of the work of the support association, two handfuls of interested and curious painters had enrolled in the course oil painting with Erhard Röhr. Surely one or the other had already painted, drawn, experimented at home in the quiet closet for themselves. This was also the start of Erhard Röhr, who first began his enjoyment of oil painting in a painting course copying old masters 30 years ago and continued to approach oil painting as an autodidact. Now oil painting is not necessarily a subject in school, the materials were hard to find and you need a lot of patience and time.

But while experimenting he found his style, experienced the longevity of colors, their advantages over watercolor or acrylics, but also limitations and less good materials. With this knowledge and experience, he ventured into the experiment of teaching – with adults, but also with children. And here, too, he gathered his experiences and impressions.

Starting to put photos, images, emotions on the canvas, paying attention to proportions, trying colors and techniques. Once the beginning was made, each of the participants found their own style.

The Tuesday painters Gabi Freitag, Sylvia Reuter, Simone Rohm, Stefanie Schneider, Iris Willsau and Barbara Bott with their course instructor Erhard Röhr could be seen on this evening that they have definitely found a lot of fun in painting.
And the guests very much liked the variety of paintings.