Successful lecture about Dresden

More than 80 visitors came to the lecture by Walter Schönfeld from Borsch on February 8, 2019. The theme was:
“Dresden – From Destruction to Reconstruction, from Baroque to Modern”.

Steffen Bott welcomed the guests as a member of the board of the sponsoring association and opened the event. He thanked the course instructors who presented a challenging program for the spring and summer semesters in the new flyer and praised the commitment of the association members who bring to life the work of the founding couple Deschauer – the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery.

Walter Schönfeld, who is from Dresden, gave an interesting lecture about the origin of Dresden up to the baroque period. He showed excerpts of a “black-and-white film about Dresden from the 1920s – before the destruction – about the bombing of Dresden on the 13. and February 14, 1945 in documentaries and pictures with explanations.
Distressing impressions of the debris removal and clearing of the destroyed objects and streets showed the beginning of the reconstruction from 1946 to the opening of the border in 1989.

Walter Schönfeld was supported in his presentation by Alicia Kraus and Oskar Stehling. Steffen Wendler ensured that the technical process ran smoothly.

The leader of the photo circle in the sponsoring association, Dieter Kiel, thanked Walter Schönfeld and his team with presents for the instructive and exciting lecture.