“The Dior of the Rhine in Geisa”.

Festive designer dresses of the Düsseldorf fashion designer Hanns Friedrichs

On September 30, 2018, the Werner Deschauer Foundation Geisa celebrated its 20th anniversary. This day was thankfully started with a joint visit to the church service in the parish church of Geisa. In a subsequent ceremony at Geisa Castle, the 20th anniversary of the Werner Deschauer Foundation was honored. On the occasion of this anniversary, Mayor Martin Henkel then invited all guests on behalf of the Förderverein Kunst, Kultur und Wissenschaft Geisa e. V. to the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery for the opening of the special exhibition entitled “The Dior of the Rhine in Geisa”.

Sylvia Möller welcomed the guests in the gallery, especially the couple Anneliese and Werner Deschauer and the members of the foundation’s board of trustees. She told about the life of the Düsseldorf fashion designer Hanns Friedrichs, who came from Dresden, and about the long friendship of the Deschauer couple with the extraordinary fashion designer. Celebrated as the “Dior of the Rhine,” the couturier created individual, high-quality fashions for well-heeled, sometimes prominent female customers.

For the musical frame Rebecca Göb from Geisa – accompanied by her father Uli – enchanted the visitors with her impressively performed songs.

Festive designer dresses by the well-known fashion designer Hanns Friedrichs from Düsseldorf were displayed in the gallery – effectively placed between the sculptures and paintings – to give visitors a special art experience. At the request of the sponsoring association, the honorary citizen of Geisa, Anneliese Deschauer, provided the festive dresses from her private collection for the special exhibition.

Whether made of French satin, Italian lace, beaded embroidery, delicate feather trim, hand embroidered dresses made of high quality fabrics from Milan and Paris, covered with sparkling crystals and sequins, all models are uniquely beautiful and timelessly elegant. The Düsseldorf fashion czar, a native of Dresden, was the center of Düsseldorf social life for decades and was ennobled as the “Dior of the Rhine” by women interested in fashion.

This extraordinary exhibition shows a previously unpublished page from the private life of the Geisa honorary citizen couple Deschauer from Bochum. Anneliese Deschauer comes from Dorndorf/Rhön and her husband Werner Deschauer from Geisa.

“I don’t do fashion, I dress women”.
Quote from Hanns Friedrichs