Workshop with children and teenagers

Beautiful moments to gather strength

For several years, the Förderverein Kunst, Kultur und Wissenschaft Geisa e. V. has been supporting the Outpatient Hospice Center for Children, Adolescents and Adults of the Bad Salzungen/Rhön Regions with creative events.
Each topic is pedagogically coordinated and picks up the children in their grief.

Children and young people who are accompanied by the Ambulantes Hospiz-Zentrum Bad Salzungen/Rhön, together with caregivers from the Hospiz-Zentrum, with parents and grandparents, once again came to Geisa on October 7, 2023 for an extraordinary workshop.
They met with Astrid Weimann-Heim from the Förderverein in the studio of the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery for a joint project. The theme of the morning this time was painting and handicrafts. Dragon eyes were painted in the process. The children imaginatively designed the stones from the Ulster beach.

Many children would like to place the stone on their loved one’s grave or remember them at home. Children and young people have already experienced major life-changing cuts. Through the creative work in the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER gallery and the subsequent lunch together, there were very nice moments and all participants were able to regain strength. The course instructor Astrid Weimann-Heim conveyed the tasks of the workshop with calmness and patience.

The costs of the workshop were covered by the Werner Deschauer Foundation Geisa. The chairwoman of the association, Doris Heim, thanked all participants and distributed beautiful peacock feathers, sponsored by Elmar Hohmann, to the children and young people.

The next meeting during Advent is already being planned and the children and young people are really looking forward to it.