30 years of border opening

The photo lecture “30 years of border opening in Geisa” of the photo circle became a real big event. Because the organizers had not expected such a strong response. As a precaution, the organizers had chosen for the lecture on September 20, 2019 this time as a venue not the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery, but the Kulturhaus Geisa.

The event organized by the town of Geisa and the Association for the Promotion of Art, Culture and Science with the Geisa Photo Circle was overwhelmingly well received. The audience was taken on a journey back in time – to the Geisa office 30 years ago. The Kulturhaus was filled to capacity and almost three hours of undivided attention of the audience.

It was about emotions, not about distant events but about what each listener experienced in his own way – 30 years ago on his own doorstep.

As hosts, Mayor Martin Henkel and the new chairwoman of the Friends Doris Heim welcomed those present and thanked them for the many hours of collecting, organizing and processing material that had found its way to Geismar to Dieter Kiel and Andreas Waitz from many residents of the Geisa district and surrounding area. From the abundance of material, both and many other helpers created an entertaining, descriptive picture lecture. This took the visitors on a journey into the past, 30 years back. At the beginning of the Wende, at the end of the GDR, at changes that hardly anyone could have foreseen or expected at the time.