Joint web presence launched Easter 2023

Since April 2023 the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery has its own homepage under the name:
It is a joint website of the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery, the Werner Deschauer Foundation and the Förderverein Kunst, Kultur und Wissenschaft Geisa e. V.

Team of kaleidos:code was professional partner

The Werner Deschauer Foundation commissioned the Web+App Development Studio kaleidos:code Fulda to create the web presence for the ANNELIESE DESCHAUER Gallery. “The young company has succeeded exceptionally well in designing a creative and professional implementation of the website with an intuitive and modern design, convincing and interesting content based on the latest technologies,” said Wilhelm Heumüller, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Art, culture and city history

The strategic goal included the perception of the renowned gallery with the unique selling point “art, culture and city history under one roof”. It was important for the foundation to present the attractive offer of cultural events and exhibitions. The presentation of the gallery and museum should at the same time increase the awareness and establishment as a destination for excursions, but also promote the activities of the Friends and represent the Foundation’s work.

Calendar of events and guided tours

Gallery tours on the subject of “Art and Town History” can now also be booked via the website with Romy Graser from the Geisa Town Tourist Office. It was important to the chairwoman of the Friends, Doris Heim, to advertise current exhibitions, lectures and courses of the Friends on the new website with a calendar of events.

Important world art

Sebastian Brähler from kaleidos:code provided information about the current status of each stage of the website creation on site, emphasizing: “The new website reflects the gallery’s aspirations, how it is perceived as a visitor, and at the same time should make people curious to come to Geisa. It gives an insight for potential visitors that there is significant world art to experience in Geisa in a unique atmosphere and architecture.”

Everything under one roof

Mayor Manuela Henkel especially thanked the members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Sylvia Möller and Astrid Weimann-Heim, for their commitment and active cooperation with Sebastian Brähler and his team from kaleidos:code, who present a new era for art, culture and city history under one roof on the web with the sophisticated and modern website.

The team of kaleidos:code (1-3 from right) brought their entire know-how and a lot of enthusiasm to the project and worked closely with the foundation’s board of trustees, the city and the sponsoring association, here during a team meeting in the gallery.
from left: Doris Heim, Sylvia Möller, Ursula Fischer and Wilhelm Heumüller

A belated thank you goes to Förderverein member Robert Kilian, who had created and maintained the previous homepage of the Förderverein from 2019 to 2022.